Camp program 2018

Program variety

The main emphasis is on variety. The daily routine is understandably regular, but games and activities change every day. We keep an eye on the balance between physical and intellectual activities, between active and passive free time, or competing and improving language skills. We don't leave children to do their own thing too often, because we know that they get bored quickly and easily, which is not why they are here. The most important aspect of our interaction with children is getting them to know that they use English unconsciously. For native speakers of English we want to provide a positive multicultural experience and an opportunity to discover more about linguistic diversity.

Main camp game

The link between each of the camp's ten days is the game. It's called TEN DAYS ON ROUTE 66. The participants of our camps are already used to the fact that we are always in one of the English speaking countries and we get to know its life and customs. After having visited England, Australia, Hollywood, Scotland, New York, the British Asian empire, London, having driven across the USA, visited the Tasmanian devil, accepted an invitation to the Emerald Isle, saddled up with cowboys on the open plains of Texas and last year experienced Hawaiian luaus and volcanoes, this year, we'll be On the Road. "There was no motorway here in the past. Yeah, travelling was quite different at that time. The road did not cross the countryside like a motorway. It was sprawled with that, knelt, climbing, and falling... The cars did not move quickly to the finish, but to enjoy the journey." That’s the elegant beauty of Sally's glory Route 66 and the ambitious modern slumber Lightning McQueen listens humbly - with a passion and silent amazement. Did you know that the cartoon figures of the popular film series Cars, such as Larry the Cable Guy or Radiator Springs itself, and especially the way through it, have their real prediction on the real road of the same name? Larry is a shameless, unsightly little man, but also a good-natured, very humorous, unwilling for great ideals, but he enjoys life more and everyone likes him. And with such personalities, you will meet when you leave the rush of the city and the dizzying speed of four-way highways to slow down a bit and take some of the life philosophy of those who can rejoice in trifles and appreciate quite ordinary things more than dazzling careers. Who wants to know real America, he understands that he does not penetrate through the financial markets of New York or the Hollywood illusion, neither in the bikini on the beaches of Miami or in the Las Vegas casino ... It's all just a glimpse! Route 66 printed America's soul.
The Route 66 game offers the individual faces and layers of America as a unique backdrop. Just the fact that for almost 60 years it has been associated as the most important traffic artery co East and West. Route 66 is where goods were transported, where thousands of people imagined a new life in dreamy, sunny California. America’s main street or “Mother Way”, as Steinbeck calls it in the Grapes of Wrath, crossed eight states from Illinois to California, you set out from Chicago and from there your journey took you through two different Springfields – surely you know the town of the Simpsons? And Route 66 gave life to the land around it, like sponges in the rain, creating life, towns, businesses, and new opportunities. Few know that Route 66 was the home to the first McDonalds. The landscape that moves steadily from behind the steering wheel; steering through the steep slopes of the Midwest famrlands through the endless prairies of the former Wild West to the bizarre rock formations of Arizona, as if striving to become the backdrop of thousands of stories - adventurous and whimsical. However, progress can not be stopped, and in this way we can see typical America; the former “Road of Glory” has slowly been replaced or expanded and in many places it has absorbed more modern highways, with more lanes, cars, speed, straightforwardness and spirit. However, many sections remain and it has became a technical monument as well as a romantic paradise transporting us back to breezy days of great American roadtrips. Whoever tames a Harley, does not go forward at a dizzying pace, but enjoys riding along the highway, complete with his famous motorcycle jacket and outfit. If you are lucky, you go over one of the forgotten bridges, you meet an abandoned agricultural machine, or a picturesque, vintage car that couldn’t even imagine.

Sometimes people went to work here; today they are going to turn off, forget about shouting, slow down, retreat from worries, and draw life energy by experiencing the endless horizons of the road. How close is the idea of our English camps! And maybe you will be surprised that the Czech Route 66, a tiny patch for nostalgic American lifestyle lovers, lies near Prague's southern Bohemia! Remember when you sit on the bus and aim to meet the unique EUROCAMP experience. We want everyone to get something special so the realisation of the games is always guaranteed by the English speaking instructors and the Czech staff. The main aim of the games is to inconspicuously support language skills development, naturally flowing communication, and learning competencies that will be used in conversations on trips abroad and as the time goes at the English Graduation Exam.

Daily program

What do children need to take for themselves? Suitable clothes for the camp's daily program, a swimming suit, a table tennis paddle, maybe a guitar for singing at the campfire, and glitter for the disco – all of these things will certainly be useful during the camp. Each morning the children will eat breakfast together and afterwards will set off with their leaders to the morning activities. During this time they will learn all the important vocabulary and facts about that day's main event. It's not just a boring lecture – it's great fun. They will play many sports as well. Because we care about the balance between mental and physical activities, we offer many different sports that are suitable for everyone. Throughout these activities the children are, of course, using English as their primary spoken language. After lunch there is a rest period which is just the right time for relaxing in the pleasant shade of their cabins or watching their favourite movie. Afterwards there is a short afternoon meeting where everybody learns about the rest of the day's program – which starts like this – roaring motors and intoxicated by the freedom of unbridled wanderers, we will ride along the modern romance and excitement the work of the world-famous writer, Jack Kerouac, who wrote of unbridled adventure in the heyday of the glorious Route 66. Kerouac wrote that sometimes just the journey can be the goal and we're all along for the ride! Finally, in the evening there is a discussion of the day's activities of the camp game and then everyone is ready for a disco, a movie, a campfire, or any number of interesting and fun activities. This is why the children will return home full of new skills, many beautiful memories, and the experience of a true bilingual camp.


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