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Have you ever been to summer camp? Did you enjoy it? Did you play lots of games, volleyball and football? Did you take part in camp competitions with night contests and sing during a campfire? Or were you just bored? Well, this is your big chance to come and have a wonderful time with us at our camp! Why don’t you give it a try?

Our camp is great! During the morning we spend lots of time either in the sports fields, near the water or in the forest. Some people might prefer swimming, others playing football. Have you ever played petanque or cricket? Be sure that during all these activities only spoken English is used! After lunch there is a rest period and after that is the main focus of the whole day – the summer camp game! Every day one part of it is performed. It is very exciting – one day you will be fighting against each other, the next day searching for stuff in the forest and another day you will be the main character in a theatrical play. We are always in one of the English speaking countries. After having visited England, Australia, Hollywood, Scotland, New York, the British Asian Empire and London, we then dreamed the American Dream, with the Tasmanian Devil we discovered the land down under and last year we searched for treasure at the end of the rainbow in Ireland. This year we can expect a no less adventurous expedition among cowboys and oil tycoons. When we say Texas, your parents probably think of the elegant rich with western hats, like J. R. Ewing from the famous soap opera Dallas. And rightly so! Surely they would also be able to explain why jeans were commonly called ‘texasky‘ in the Czech Republic. Did you know that jeans were originally working trousers, designed to withstand very difficult conditions and to last a long time? They were also worn buy guys who had to ride for hours at a time on a saddle, riding through a landscape full of prickly cacti and whose rugged nature of work meant nothing scared them, even though they were actually only cattle herders, hence their name, cowboys. Not many know that their most famous era in the 19th century lasted a mere 20 years; however, their undying fame has endured till today. The popularity of western genre literature and later film, just like the establishment of towns cut out of the Wild West, comes from the admiration of the adventurous life of gunmen and the love of horses. All of this is just a small hint to the thrilling adventures that await us this year, when together, we will spend TEN DAYS IN TEXAS.


If you expect groups of people sleeping in tents and washing in the river, forget it! We’ve got a beautiful place between the river and the forest. We stay in wooden cottages and there is hot water running in the showers. Better yet, you’ll be with really cool people!

Don’t think we’re just any old camp, because we are special and different, if that’s what you’re looking for. There are two leaders for each team – one is Czech and the other is American, English, Canadian, Irish, or Australian. Really! It’s not unusual that you will be on a team with a girl or boy from America or Austria, but don’t worry. You’ll be able to make friends, because you will be using English. If you don’t understand, there will always be someone to help you translate, either your new Czech friend or one of the leaders. We all help each other.

EUROCAMP is spectacular! If you still don’t believe it, come and see it with your own eyes. And the night contest – you shouldn’t miss it! But don´t worry – if you are really scared, we don't force anyone to attend. Come with us to spend TEN DAYS IN TEXAS, we will travel the length of the endless highway in a super-fast car, or rather, on the backs of galloping mustangs, setting out on a wild rodeo in the land of vast plains, unmistakeable hats, and where fabulously wealthy oil tycoons reveal the true face of the Wild West! We look forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones as well.

So, see you in the summer? Bye bye! See you then!

If you are interested we are happy to provide further information and application forms:

SYKA AGENCY a.s., travel agency, Křenova 438/7, 162 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic Email: email@anglickytabor.cz
Pavel Jahelka, program coordinator, Phone: +420 602 326 747 or +420 223 010 176
Ing. Josef Syka, responsible representative, Phone: +420 602 255 859
RNDr. Veronika Švadlenková, main leader of the camp, Phone: +420 775 041 421

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