Why Eurocamp?

Have you ever been to summer camp? Did you enjoy it? Did you play lots of games, perhaps volleyball and football? Did you take part in camp competitions with nightly contests and sing around a campfire? Or were you just bored? Well, this is your big chance to come and have a wonderful time with us at our camp! Why don’t you give it a try?

Our camp is great

During the morning, we spend lots of time either on the sports fields, near the water or in the forest. Some people might prefer swimming while others prefer playing football. Have you ever played pétanque or cricket? Be sure that during all these activities only English is used! After lunch, there is a rest period followed by the main focus of the whole day – the summer camp game! Every day one part is completed through games, competition, and teamwork. It is very exciting – one day you will be fighting against each other, the next day searching for stuff in the forest and another day you will be creating a theatrical play. We are always in one of the English-speaking countries. We have visited England, Australia, Hollywood, Scotland, New York, the British-Asian Empire and London. We have dreamt the American Dream, visited the Tasmanian Devil down under and searched for treasure at the end of the rainbow in Ireland. We went to Texas and lived amongst the cowboys and the kings of oil, we joyfully yelled "Aloha!" in Hawaii, we drove down the most famous road in the world, the classic all-American Route 66, we better discovered the country of Loch Ness Monster, and last year we experienced an American-style adventure in California. This year, we're going to the largest, northernmost, and least populated state in the United States. It's home to the world' greatest land-based glaciers and the highest mountain in North America. It's a place that's both unpredictable and harsh, yet full of beautiful and untouched nature, which is why it often attracts adventurers from all over the world who want to test the limits of their abilities. Grizzly bears, polar reindeer, moose, grey wolves and many other extraordinary animals live freely there. It is a land that is very unique and unlike any other places in the world. It is a country where people are only visitors to the animal kingdom. So, do you know where we're going this year? Or would it help to know that this area is called "America's Last Frontier"? Of course, you do. It's ALASKA! Beautiful glaciers, long cliffs, breathtaking landscapes, extreme cold and friendly people willing to help at any time are all typical of Alaska. Its name comes from the language of the ancient Inuit people and means The Great Land. And great Alaska really is! To get to all the interesting places, we will have to use unusual means of transport. First, we'll have to follow a forty-kilometer route between mountain peaks. In the gold rush days, this route through the Chilkoot Pass was terrifying by just saying its name. But Alaskan Malamutes will help us – they are strong dogs with thick coats, which were bred by the Inuit. So, a dog sled ride will surely be a great experience. However, if we couldn't make it, we would use the railroad, as the train can be stopped at any time in Alaska with a wave of the hand. We have to get all the way over the Arctic Circle to the North Pole, but don't worry, we don't mean the top of our planet Earth, but a small town in Alaska called "The City of the North Pole". That is where the house of Santa Claus and his reindeer are located. This is a must-see, as well as the Northern Lights over the horizon. Or are you more tempted to experience a polar day? In Alaska, the sun hardly ever hides in summer, it just sets for a few minutes and then comes out again. So, you can watch the sun set and then immediately rise. In any case, be sure to wear warm clothes, as Alaska has also set the lowest temperature record in North America, a chilly -63°C. Then we make a quick stop on Kodiak Island to see the largest land carnivore ever, a bear named Kodiak, after its territory. In the end, we have no choice but to use a small plane, but be careful and definitely don't throw any moose out of it! In Alaska, it is against the law to throw moose out of a plane. Surely, we won't be surprised anymore that in the town of Talkeetna, where we land, the mayor is a cat. His name is Stubbs and he was democratically elected. When the town held elections, very few people wanted to vote for possible mayoral candidates. Some people wrote Stubbs' name on the voting slip as a form of protest because he would have no conflict with anyone and would not raise taxes. In the end, it turned out that Stubbs received the largest number of votes. Thanks to Stubbs, business in the city is booming, as he has become a major attraction. According to the town's population of less than 1,000, no other mayor has done as much for the municipality :-) The night fires and dance evenings at the disco are great as well! Experience all of this and much much more. Come and join us for TEN DAYS IN ALASKA.

EUROCAMP is spectacular! If you still don’t believe it, come and see it with your own eyes. And the nightly contest – you shouldn’t miss it! But don´t worry – if you are really scared, we don't force anyone to attend. Experienced travellers recommend at least a month to discover ALASKA. You will be living with us for TEN DAYS, but it will be quite the experience. Can you already hear the call of the North, and does the wind carry the smell of pine trees and the growl of the bear to you? Don't hesitate for a moment and pack all the things you need now. The last kingdom of the wilderness has not yet been harnessed by humans! We look forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones as well.

If you expect groups of people sleeping in tents and washing in the river, forget it! We’ve got a beautiful place between the river and the forest. We stay in wooden cottages and there is hot water running in the showers. Better yet, you’ll be with really cool people!

Don’t think we’re just any old camp, because we are special and different, if that’s what you’re looking for. There are two leaders for each team – one is Czech and the other is American, English, Canadian, Irish, or Australian. Really! It’s not unusual that you will be on a team with a girl or boy from America or Austria, but don’t worry. You’ll be able to make friends, because you will be using English. If you don’t understand, there will always be someone to help you translate, either your new Czech friend or one of the leaders. We all help each other.

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