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Camp program 2016


The main emphasis is on variety. Daily routine is understandably regular, but games and activities change every day. We keep an eye on the balance between physical and intellectual activities and between active and passive free time or competing and improving language skills. We don't leave children to their passivity, because we know that they get bored quickly and easily, which is not why they are here. The most important aspect of our interaction with children is getting them to know that they use English unconsciously. For native speakers of English we want to provide a positive multicultural experience and an opportunity to discover more about linguistic diversity.

The link between each of the camp's ten days is the game. It's called TEN DAYS IN TEXAS. The participants of our camps are already used to the fact that we are always in one of the English speaking countries and we get to know its life and customs. After having visited England, Australia, Hollywood, Scotland, New York, the British Asian empire, London, having driven across the USA, with the Tasmanian devil we had a look at his homeland and also around New Zealand and last year, the Irish invited us to their Emerald Isle. This year, we will once again return to the United States. Since we have so far avoided the Southwest, this time we are heading straight to Texas! Last year’s camp game and this year’s have something in common; our goal is again to explore a treeless region, where the country is ploughed by the hoofs of countless herds and where people of an adventurous nature live. Unlike small Ireland, this year we will be in no less than the second largest state in the whole of the U.S., after Alaska, which in comparison to Europe, not even France can compare. Herds of shaggy sheep will be replaced by immense plains filled with cattle and the genial Irish will be replaced by heavily armed adventurers from the Wild West. You already know them from the movies or perhaps from the favourite card game Bang! Therefore, you’ve already guessed that they will ride horses, shoot pistols, wage war with the Indians and that there will be desperados attacking banks, trains and stagecoaches and assassinations of brave sheriffs and other law enforcers. But few know that none of this would be part of the rich American history and culture had the brave defenders of a fortress, whose struggle against overwhelming odds, fell to one man in order to protect the interests of his country. Here was born the American battle cry "Remember the Alamo!".

TEN DAYS IN TEXAS - camp game 2016

The peculiar fashion combination of denim dress with plaid shirts, and characteristic hats, shows that Texans, even today, take their glorious history very seriously. But of course we are concerned with more than just fashion. Danger lurks in this vast country even today, after all, the sea can bring hurricanes or tornados can come from the Midwest. But on the other hand, concealed under the ground and in the sea is immense wealth, black gold! Here you can find one of the most important oil fields in the whole world and we will definitely play a part in its extraction. Awaiting us will also certainly be shuttles and other spacecraft such as those from their centre in Houston worked on by experts from NASA. Maybe we will also wonder with the Texans on whether the next winner of the presidential election will be the third member of the Bush family, who call Texas their home. Finally, we will take a look at the traditional ranch, try the challenging life of new entrepreneurs in agriculture and also enjoy the dangerous entertainment of their employees who prove their ability by none other than the rough and dangerous – rodeo! We want everyone to get something special so the realisation of the games is always guaranteed by the English speaking instructors and the Czech staff. The main aim of the games is to inconspicuously support language skills development, naturally flowing communication, and learning competencies that will be used in conversations on trips abroad and as the time goes at the English Graduation Exam.

TEN DAYS IN TEXAS - camp game 2016

What do children need to take for themselves? Suitable clothes for the camp's daily program, a swimming suit, racket for table tennis, maybe a guitar for singing at the campfire, and glitter for the disco – all of these things will certainly be useful during the camp. Each morning the children will eat breakfast together and afterwards will set off with their leaders to the morning activities. During this time they will learn all the important vocabulary and facts about that day's stage. It's not just a boring lecture – it's big fun. They will play many sports as well. Because we care about the balance between mental and physical activities, we offer many different sports that are suitable for everyone. Throughout these activities the children are, of course, using English as their primary spoken language. After lunch there is a rest period which is just the right time for relaxing in the pleasant shade of their cabins or watching their favourite movie. Afterwards there is a short afternoon meeting where everybody learns about the rest of the day's program – so straight away – we will arm our colts, jump into the saddle and set off from the banks of the mighty Rio Grande, through the prairies, to the deadly heat of the legendary plains of Llano Estacado, or on the other hand, the largest city, which bears the name of such an extraordinary figure of American history, Sam Houston. Finally, in the evening there is a discussion of the day's stage of the camp play and then everyone is ready for a disco, movie, a campfire, or any number of interesting and fun activities. This is why the children will return home full of new skills, many beautiful memories, and the experience of a true bilingual camp.

If you are interested we are happy to provide further information and application forms:

SYKA AGENCY a.s., travel agency, Křenova 438/7, 162 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic Email: email@anglickytabor.cz
Pavel Jahelka, program coordinator, Phone: +420 602 326 747 or +420 223 010 176
Ing. Josef Syka, responsible representative, Phone: +420 602 255 859
RNDr. Veronika Švadlenková, main leader of the camp, Phone: +420 775 041 421

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